Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Nicest Place I’ve Ever Lived

When I started looking at apartments for rent in my town, I was looking for more than just a nice apartment. I wanted a nice complex too with a lot of community amenities. I wanted a nice swimming pool, a fitness center, a play area for when my nieces came to visit, and other things like that. It might sound like I was asking for a lot, but I really wasn’t. I found everything I wanted and so much more at Sandy Springs apartments, and I was able to move in within weeks of submitting my application there.

The apartments themselves are really nice. I looked at the different ones that were available, and I had a hard time picking the one I wanted because I liked them all. I knew that I wanted at least a two bedroom unit because my nieces do spend several nights a week with me when their mom has to pull a double at work. I wanted them to have their own room and be comfortable there. The second room is big enough to have two single beds as well as a dresser, a TV and a few other things, so they are happy.

I am happy because there is a swimming pool that they can use when they are here, a play area that is really nice, and there are even picnic areas around the complex that we can enjoy on nicer days. They are too young for the fitness center, but it is something that I make use of every day when I can. It has all of the exercise equipment that I use, and I am also able to get some exercise in the pool as well. It really is the nicest place I have ever lived, and the girls seem to really like it a lot too!