Looking for Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

I have been working to build an e commerce web page for a couple of weeks, but obviously you can not think that it stops there after you have the web page. There is a whole lot more to it than that. The big thing in my opinion is to figure out how you can attract visitors who are interested in buying what you have up for sale. So I am looking for effective Internet marketing strategies and wondering who I should trust. Right now I am checking out a place called Gromode, which promises to do exactly what I want to have done. They say that they can increase traffic. I am not sure that is exactly what I need, unless the traffic that you gain is actually composed of potential buyers. People who just come in and see that they are not interested in what you have, they do not do you much real good. The thing is that you need real traffic. If you have a store for example, then you want people to come in the place and buy stuff. Kids loitering around the pinball machines are going to bring in a little bit of money perhaps, but they are likely going to try to steal junk food and such. They might bring you a little business, but it is not a straight up good deal all of the time. That is not the right analogy, but it comes close to what I mean. By increasing traffic I mean that I want to increase the number of people who take out their credit cards and make a purchase, or for that matter they use paypal or Amazon payments. It is the end goal obviously and what matters for me to turn the web site into a real success.