Started Dating a Rich Girl

I had no idea that this girl had money for quite some time. We go to school together at SMU and we ended up assigned to the same class project. That was how I got to know her and I got her to go out with me. We dated for a month or so before I went to her place and found out that she had one of those really expensive Dallas uptown apartments. It is on the 14th floor of a high rise apartment building. Other than that you would not really ever notice that she had money, but after a bit I learned that her family owned a pretty nice piece of land in the oil fields. Up until they started figuring out how to extract oil from the area, they made their living farming and raising cattle. If you met her that is pretty much what you would think that she is, a girl from the country. She drives a pick up truck, not a very new one and she wears a cowboy hat that has seen a lot of use.

It is not as though I get any sort of gigolo benefits from this. If I did not want to be her boyfriend there would not be any lack of volunteers to take the job. Of course she has an American Express Card and she will take it out and give it to the waiter. I should have realized that was odd when it happened on the first time we went out. In fact I figured that this was a bad sign, I thought that it meant that she was not willing to let me put her in debt to her. Of course for the most part girls expect the guy to pay for everything even if they intend to blow you off forever when the date is done.