The Company is Sending Me to Brazil

I just got back from a meeting with some of my colleagues and they were discussing whether or not it is an opportune moment for us to expand into some large foreign markets. At the moment Brazil for example is in a deep recession and there is a lot of political turmoil as there are massive demonstrations calling on the president to resign from office. We would actually be more concerned about where they are headed rather than where they are right at this exact moment. So we decided to talk to an expert. I found Brasil Insight Capital and called them up to set up a meeting. My boss was going to be the one who was going to do this, but then one of the people he knows started to talk about the Zika virus. Of course that is some very scary stuff and he called me up to his office right after they spooked him. It really seems as though that Zika is a true catastrophe, because they have already proven that the virus cause brain damage to unborn babies. So far they have very little way to remedy the epidemic. You have to think about how to get rid of the mosquitoes until you figure out how to actually combat the virus. A vaccine is not going to be in the cards for the foreseeable future, so the only way that you can combat it’s spread is to try to get rid of the insects that carry it. I have been reading some interesting things about that, one of the things that you can do is to make the mosquito more susceptible to the virus that they are carrying. That is something they are trying to do with malaria and they hope that it can work with this virus too.